Blue Ridge Bank

RSCT was engaged by Blue Ridge Bank to create a new main branch in Seneca that projected the Bank’s unique culture and appeal, complete with a new brand that would be used later to renovate existing branches in Walhalla. Working in close collaboration with the leadership team, we began the Visioning process that resulted in a true idea of the key differentiators. The result is more than a new office; it has become the face of the Blue Ridge Bank brand.

Bonclarken Conference Center

Situated in beautiful Flat Rock, NC since 1921, Bonclarken Conference Center is a new 35 room lodge offering a peaceful Christian experience for up to 134 guests. Starting with the renovation of the historic Heidelberg House (which dates back to 1886), the property has seen the construction of numerous conference structures, cottages and other facilities. RSCT was invited to work with Bonclarken to re-envision the property and create a sense of spiritual unity on the grounds, beginning with a site master plan, the restoration of the Heidelberg House and a new hotel. Bonclarken Master Plan RSCT reimagined the center of campus by creating an open green where groups of all ages can picnic, hold Bible studies or gather after dinner. This common ground unites visitors from different generations and invites them to connect both physically and spiritually. For younger visitors, RSCT designed an expanded youth campus with more classroom and cabin space. Between the youth center and cabin area, RSCT created an ampitheater and fire pit, giving young campers a fun and inviting space to meet and relax. As Bonclarken grows and evolves in the years ahead, this master plan will help guide their development, allowing them to offer meaningful experiences to each new generation of visitors. Heidelberg House Originally built in 1886 as a private residence, the historic Heidelberg Hotel is the most recognizable building on the Bonclarken grounds. The iconic structure was first transformed into a lodge for camp visitors in 1921 and has welcomed countless people in the decades that followed. Over time, the years took a toll on the hotel and its structure began to show signs of aging and decay. In 2013, RSCT was engaged by Bonclarken trustees to think strategically about the hotel’s renovation and oversee construction. In consultation with engineers, construction teams and camp advisors, RSCT developed a plan to renovate the exterior of the beloved building, maintaining its historic Victorian charm while modernizing and preserving its structure. Today, the 19-room, 4-suite hotel is standing stronger than ever, continuing to delight a new generation of visitors.

Carolina Wren Park

In 2012, the City of Anderson moved to transform a dilapidated downtown property into a completely re-imagined greenspace public park. RSCT worked with the City and local residents to envision how the new park could create a unique “sense of place” for all walks of life. Opened in September of 2013 as Carolina Wren Park, this multi-use facility has become a favorite venue for cultural events, festivals, weddings and reunions. Joining RSCT on the project were William Renniner Associates (landscape architects), Britt Peters & Associates (consulting engineers) and Trehel Corporation (general contractors).

Oconee Heritage Center

Housed in a former tobacco factory in downtown Walhalla, SC, Oconee Heritage Center was formed by volunteers in 2004 to preserve and display the rich history of Oconee County. Visitors experience the region’s diverse cultural landscape firsthand through preserved artifacts, historic photographs and replicas of settler homes. RSCT partnered with Oconee Heritage Center to transform the historic building from three stories into two, creating an inviting, light-filled space that effectively showcases the Center’s large collection of relics.

Old St. John's Meeting House

Built in 1889, Old St. John’s Meeting House is a historic chapel located in Walhalla, SC. Deconsecrated in 1952, the church was eventually moved to a private backyard before being purchased by the City of Walhalla and transported to its permanent home on Kaufmann Square in 2009. RSCT was called upon to renovate the aged structure and add ADA compliant restrooms. The storied church is now equipped with modernized facilities that preserve its unique Carpenter Gothic architectural style and invite a new generation to enjoy its charm.

Pavillon Treatment Center

The Pavillon Treatment Center, an addiction recovery residence in the mountains of western North Carolina, is a secluded, scenic retreat for patients in rehab. Seeking to build a smaller dining room adjacent to their existing dining center, Pavillon engaged RSCT to create a space in keeping with the facility’s existing architectural style. By replicating specific details and materials, RSCT designed a dining room that harmonizes with the surrounding structure and sustains the serene beauty of Pavillon.

Blue Ridge Electric Outage Support Building

In partnership with Blue Ridge Electric Co-operative in Pickens, SC, RSCT strategically designed the Blue Ridge Electric Outage Support Building to serve electric customers during severe weather conditions. In keeping with the building’s purpose, RSCT created a multipurpose command center that effectively supports daily operations and incorporates an outdoor generator yard, allowing electrical service to continue uninterrupted in inclement weather.

Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum

Designed to commemorate local black history and culture, the Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum is a joint venture of the City of Seneca and the Lunney House Museum. The Strickland Museum, set to open in 2017, occupies the former home of Bertha Lee Strickland, a maid for the Lunney family for nearly 50 years. RSCT was contracted to renovate Bertha’s deteriorating home and create a replica of the neighboring Roddey home, which housed the Lunney family’s chauffeur. With a sensitivity to the original design, RSCT renovated and rebuilt the aging structures while maintaining their historic charm. The wide lawn between the two homes which served as a beloved community gathering spot was transformed into a common patio space by matching the finish floor levels of both homes. The patio was completed with ADA access and modern restroom facilities, creating a welcoming place for all visitors.