How We Work

It Begins with a Vision

howwework-1 In theory, all architectural firms are attuned to their client’s unique mission and culture. But that’s not always the case. Without an established process to listen, assimilate and plan, clients often receive designs that emanate from the architect’s personal point of view, disconnected from the meaningful realities that should shape a project. At RSCT, the design process is all about collaboration. It begins and ends with you. Our initial Visioning session is all about asking thoughtful questions that enable you to assimilate the past, define the present and envision the future of your project. Our job is to listen, ask and contemplate your insights with focused clarity. The next phase is to translate all the information you’ve provided into a comprehensive Master Plan designed to grow with you year to year, as your needs change. Through detailed 3D renderings, we let you walk through your project and visualize the possibilities. The result is architecture that flows from your vision and reflects the true character of your project.